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Design Mantra provides Interior Design Services for residential and commercial establishments. We take pride in designing for you, so you create memories with your family - whether you're looking to refresh your home, up-size, downsize, and anything in-between.

At Design Mantra, we offer different options in our design services for our clients, from Consultation to Full Service. Listening to you and providing the life-style you are looking for, is the goal of Design Mantra.



Geetha Vasishta brings a unique international perspective to her position as a full-service interior designer who works with prominent residential and commercial clients throughout the South Bay area.

She has Masters in Liberal Arts and Diploma in Interior Design from India. As the region’s only design professional trained in India, Geetha provides a novel level of sophistication and style to her projects.

Geetha, gained her career both in India and United States. Known as a “problem solver”, she helps her clients with design challenges in their space. Her company, Design Mantra presents various design services for the clients.

She also offers Vaastu Interiors based on ancient Indian Architectural Science "Vaastu Shastra"  (A Holistic Approach). Like Yoga and Ayurveda, Vaastu Shastra is a traditional system, which is 7,000 years old. Its guidelines help to enhance the quality of life in designing interiors for home and workplace.

An avid volunteer, Geetha has supported her community over the years, which includes leading the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) program chairs. She is currently one of the Board of Directors of South Bay Conservatory, a non-profit performing arts school, governed by all-volunteers on the panel.


DESIGN CONSULTATION SERVICE: If you are looking to freshen up your space or need help with current design challenges like, furniture placement, storage problems, selecting color schemes, then Consultation Service is a good place to start. This will help you to implement your project with ease.

  • 2-hour on-site Design Consultation

  • Will offer general advice and recommendation

PERSONALIZED DESIGN PACKAGE: A single room package is perfect for you if you love shopping online or retail, and would enjoy managing all purchases and installations yourself. This will enable you to feel comfortable to take on your room project.

  • On-site visit

  • Personalized design package provides furniture layouts, paint color recommendations, and any other essential features necessary to pull the whole room together

START-TO-FINISH DESIGN PACKAGE: This package is ideal if you - have a busy and active life-style, and want the professional to handle all the process involved, so you can enjoy the final-result of your space. This package will end with a Big Reveal!

  • Starts with concept and continues all the way to completion of the project

  • The full service package includes but not limited to establishing a budget, presentations, detail drawings of furniture layout, elegant options for paint color, a full-sourcing service of products, and other elements to create the ambiance needed


  • Kitchen, Bath, Media Room, Home Office, Children's Room, Laundry Room

  • Commercial Projects

  • Home Staging to Sell


How do you charge your design fees?

Except for the Design Consultation Service, which is a flat fee, the fees for the rest of our design services are based on scope of work.

Your Design Consultation Service is for 2 hours. What if I need more consulting time?

We have a solution for that. You are welcome to purchase a block of extra consulting time of 2 to 4 hours at a reduced rate.

Once I have paid the initial consultation, can I upgrade to another design service?

Yes, absolutely! Please let your Designer know within 30 days of your paid initial consultation that you want to upgrade the design service. The investment in the initial consultation will be credited into your Letter of Agreement if you decide to do your project with Design Mantra.

Does your design service include purchasing fee?

The design fee does not include purchasing fee, it is for professional design service only. Merchandise purchasing services will be provided by Design Mantra after design work has been completed, approved, signed and payment is made prior to ordering. Purchase of merchandise will be provided to you at Design Mantra's most favorable price plus purchasing fee which includes administrative and operational expenses to handle details pertaining to the process.

What about accessories? Are they included in your design implementation?

The accessories are not included in our design fees. Design implementation does not cover selection of accessories other than during normal shopping for general specification purposes.

Can we contact you during weekends?

Design Mantra business hours are 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM PT, Monday through Friday. If you are calling after hours or on weekends, please note that you can expect to receive a response the following business day.


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